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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hoopdancing?

Hoopdancing is a free flowing, rhythmic art form and a dynamically fun, new way to exercise! Also commonly referred to as "hooping," hoopdancing workouts strengthen your core, burns from 300-600 calories an hour, increases energy, improves flexibility, promotes balance and coordination, relieves stress and so much more. Unlike it's child's toy store counterpart, the "hula" hoops used in hoopdancing/fitness workouts are slightly weighted (adult hoops weighing in at about 1.5 lbs) offering more momentum and slower rotation, thus making it easier to maintain the hoop spinning around the waist and provides extra resistance for core shaping and toning. Classes begin with the fundamentals of Hooping at the waist and over time work up to other core movements such as hooping at the chest, shoulders and legs. Additionally hoop classes will focus on hooping "off-body" or "hand hooping" which refers to anytime the hoop is off of the core and in your hands. Focusing on arm, back, shoulder strengthening, the off-body component of hooping helps create a total body workout!

What size hoop do I need?

Adults typically start with a large, slightely weighted adult sized hoop. It's easy to spin and maintain rotation. Since hooping is more about dance, fun and creative expression than gyrating frantically to keep a small hoop going, bigger hoops are always easier to start with. Most people (ages 8-82) of average size will be able to keep a typical starter hoop (between 41-43 inches diameter) going with ease. Bigger hoops are groovy, easy, massaging and relaxing. I make smaller, lighter hoops for off-body hooping that have "mastered" their big hoops and what a lighter hoop. I also make smaller lighter hoops for children, though most kids 8 and up can use the average 'adult' size. Feel free to contact me with any questions and see also the Hoop Store for more info. For weight loss and fitness training I recommend heavier hoops to increase the overall weight that you are spinning. When you move into tricks the weight of a hoop is highly important. I use a range of hoops for different purposes such as heavier hoops for my 20 minute conditioning on the waist and lighter hoops for tricks.

What are your hoops made out of?

I craft each hoop by hand with pvc tubing, commonly used as irrigation tubing. Next I tape them using specialty tapes that offer flash, shine, style and most importantly grip! I will make custom hoops to suit your body and needs and creat you a one-of-a-kind hoop that you will love! It's not only a prop for your workout, it's art!

What are the age ranges for your classes?

My classes have ranged in age from young children to individuals in their 70's. Hoopdancing is a personal workout and will be tailored to each individual to best meet their needs.

Group & private lessons available. Please inquire about times, locations & pricing for classes. So come get your groove on and find your inner hoop diva! Let's get hooping!!

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